About BCB

It's not just an "experiment",
during which the snapshot and fork will take place when
the bitcoins reach to the height of 502,233 in the blockchain. The new chain is a more huge block and it
improves the consensus mechanism and built-in intelligent contract with completed the system configuration and established effective application.

Configurable System Parameter configuration Hot update

Lua Smart Contract System turing completed System capacity and function upgrade

Voting Function Smart contract supported voting


Huge Block

Zero Knowledge Proof

Privacy Protection

Built-in Intelligent Contract


January, 3st 2018    Fork at block height 502,233.

2nd quarter, 2018   System configuration Completed.

3rd quarter, 2018   Deployment of smart contract and
voting function.

4th quarter, 2018   Full development of system function.

Maintained and developed by community and users.


What is Bitcoin Boy (BCB)?

BCB, the abbreviation of Bitcoin Boy, is a new chain of 502,233 forked at the height of the bitcoin block, developed by the BCB team. BCB is a new bitcoin fork virtual currency and it will carry out hard fork test in January 3st, 2018, so as to add new features to bitcoin and make bitcoin network more perfect. With the fork successfully completed, any bitcoin address will receive BCB at the ratio of 1:100 and the rest will be convergent release through mining and the entry nodes will voted by coin holders. The size of BCB block is 8M, with sound block support and improved consensus mechanism. In the future, bitcoin network will be upgraded with built-in intelligent contract to realize the issuance of assets on the chain and the establishment of applications, making BCB a valuable and practical virtual currency.

What is the issuance size of BCB?

The total supply is 2310 million and BCB will pre-mine 210 million.

What is the purpose of pre-mining?

It is used for BCB maintenance, community and project development and promotion.


  • Zhang Yiyun

    Geekbeans Capital Founder

  • Xu Hongbo

    Chief Scientist

  • Zhang Li

    HK Shangya Exchange Chairman

  • Chen Biao

    AETA President

  • Omori Hiroyuki

    Meiji U Digital Currency Seminar Director

  • Hayashi Yoshio

    AETA President

  • Yao Yuan

    BCB Band Lead Singer