It seems that сryptominers have already cracked Nvidia’s RTX 3060 hash rate limiter. The mining limitation was bypassed rather quickly by Chinese cryptocurrency miners. These custom mods allow them to make full use of their hardware, allowing for more efficient Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) mining than before!

In this article, we’ll go into how this happened and explain all the relevant events leading to this point. Why was the hash limiter installed in the first place? Why are Nvidia graphics cards relevant for cryptocurrency mining? And while being more efficient, should you still the risk of using RTX 3060 with a Chinese mod? These are just some of the questions that we will shed light on in this informative article. So, brace yourself and let us begin!

Why was the hash rate of RTX 3060 limited?

Trouble with graphics card shortage

Before getting into the meat of the story, let’s provide some context behind the cryptominers’ success. The world of cryptocurrency mining was turned upside down in late 2017 and early 2018, as the demand for graphics cards (GPUs) skyrocketed. 

Miners, eager to get their hands on the digital gold that is Bitcoin and Ethereum, were scooping up GPUs by the truckload, leaving gamers and professionals alike scratching their heads in frustration.

It’s all about the computational power, you see. Cryptocurrency mining requires a massive amount of number crunching, and GPUs are the perfect tool for the job. They’re specifically designed to handle the heavy lifting required for things like video rendering and scientific research, so it’s no surprise that miners realized they could put those same capabilities to use in the hunt for digital riches.

As the demand for GPUs soared to be used on mining farms and otherwise, prices began to climb, and finding a GPU in stock became a Herculean task. Gamers and professionals who relied on GPUs for their work were left high and dry, as the miners snatched up every last one. 

It was a bleak time, especially for gamers who had to endure long waitlists and paying exorbitant prices for GPUs. This was a stark contrast to the usual availability and reasonable prices that they were accustomed to.

The shortage affected not only gamers but also professionals in fields such as video production and scientific research, as they also rely on GPUs for their work. The shortage caused a lot of frustration among these groups, who were unable to get their hands on the powerful hardware they needed. This caused delays in projects and a decrease in productivity as they had to make do with less powerful equipment. It was a difficult time for all those who relied on GPUs for their work and leisure.

The turnaround in the market

But all was not lost. As the months rolled by, manufacturers began to crank up the gears of production to meet the insatiable demand for GPUs. 

This flood of hardware helped to ease the shortage and bring prices back down to earth. But as the price of cryptocurrencies began to see-saw, some miners decided to seek out new ways to strike it rich, leading to a decrease in demand for GPUs.

Additionally, new technologies like Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs) and Field-Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) emerged, proving to be more efficient and cost-effective for mining certain types of cryptocurrencies.

Furthermore, the crypto market saw a bear market in 2018, with the price of many cryptocurrencies dropping significantly. 

This led to a decrease in the number of miners, as the profitability of mining decreased. This also led to a decrease in demand for GPUs, as miners no longer needed as many to continue their operations. 

Finally, the shortage began to subside, and GPUs started to become more readily available. 

Gamers and professionals could breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that they could once again get their hands on the powerful hardware they needed. But it was a cautionary tale – a reminder that in the world of cryptocurrency, anything can happen.

It’s worth noting that crypto market is changing all the time, and the prices of different coins are changing. This could affect the demand for mining and could lead to another graphics card shortage in the future. 

As we see today, the crypto market is growing and more and more people are investing in it, so the demand for GPUs may increase again. It’s a never ending cycle and the market is always in motion.

Nvidia and cryptomining

Nvidia Geforce GTX

It all began in 1998, with the launch of the first GeForce card, the GeForce 256. A pioneer of its time, it was the first graphics card to feature hardware transform and lighting, a revolutionary feature that allowed for more realistic graphics in video games.

But Nvidia didn’t stop there. They continued to push the boundaries of what was possible with each new release, from the GeForce 3, with its introduction of programmable shaders, to the GeForce 8, which brought DirectX 10 support and unified shaders to the masses.

Nvidia’s graphics cards have played a key role in the events of the past few years. One of the most popular graphics cards used for cryptocurrency mining during the shortage was the Nvidia GeForce series, specifically the GTX 1060, 1070, and 1080 models. 

These cards were highly sought after by miners due to their high performance and efficiency, which made them ideal for mining cryptocurrencies.

The demand for these Nvidia cards was so high and their mining efficiency so great that retailers were unable to keep them in stock, leading to long waitlists and inflated prices. Miners were buying these cards in bulk, causing a shortage for gamers and professionals who also relied on the hardware for their work and play.

Nvidia tried to mitigate the shortage by releasing new models such as the GTX 1070 Ti and the GTX 1080 Ti specifically for the gaming market, but it was too little too late. The damage had already been done and the shortage had already affected the market.

Additionally, Nvidia also tried to discourage miners from buying their products by introducing software that would limit the performance of their graphics cards when used for cryptocurrency mining. However, this move was met with mixed reactions and had little impact on the shortage.

Overall, the Nvidia GeForce series, specifically the GTX 1060, 1070, and 1080 models, played a significant role in the graphics card shortage caused by cryptocurrency mining. The high demand for these cards from miners led to a shortage for other users and caused a lot of frustration among gamers and professionals.

Nvidia Geforce RTX

A few years later came the RTX series. Nvidia GeForce RTX series, a tale of technological advancements, cutting-edge design and the unquenchable thirst for gaming and content creation.

The RTX series, a true game-changer. The first card of this series, the RTX 2080, was released in 2018 and it introduced real-time ray tracing, allowing for even more realistic graphics and lighting effects in video games. 

But Nvidia wasn’t content to rest on their laurels. They continued to improve and evolve the series, with the RTX 3080 being the latest and greatest in the series, released in 2020. Nvidia announced greatness and it sure did deliver. 

Thanks to Nvidia’s efforts, this card boasts of 8704 CUDA cores, 10GB of GDDR6X memory, and supports ray tracing, AI-accelerated features, and 8K resolution. 

It’s a true powerhouse of a card, capable of running even the most demanding games and content creation applications with ease.

But the story of the GeForce RTX series isn’t just about the hardware, it’s also about the gamers, content creators, and enthusiasts who have pushed the limits of what these cards can do.

Lo and behold, the RTX 3060, a true marvel of engineering and design. The latest addition to the legendary GeForce RTX series, it’s a card that’s sure to turn heads and drop jaws.

With its Ampere architecture and 3584 CUDA cores, the RTX 3060 packs a punch that’ll knock your socks off. And let’s not forget the 12GB of GDDR6 memory, capable of handling even the most demanding games and applications with ease.

But the RTX 3060 isn’t just about raw power. It’s also about style, with its sleek design and customizable RGB lighting, it’s a card that’ll make your build stand out in all the right ways.

But don’t let its good looks fool you, the RTX 3060 is a true workhorse, capable of running games and applications at high resolution and high frame rates. From the latest AAA titles to the most demanding content creation applications, the RTX 3060 is up for the challenge.

This is precisely the reason why this card is so sought after by crypto miners. By utilizing its great power, they can mine more quickly and efficiently. With Nvidia installing the hash limiter, thus, a serious issue might have occurred. Luckily for miners, fortune was on their side.

Cryptomining in 2023

In recent years, the crypto mining scene has been a-buzzin’ with activity, with more and more individuals setting their sights on the digital gold rush. In fact, according to CoinShares Research, the total network hash rate (a measure of the computing power being used to mine crypto) has grown by over 2,500% since the beginning of 2017.

These miners come from all walks of life, but a vast majority of them share one thing in common: a passion for the endless possibilities of cryptocurrency. They are the ones who live for the thrill of the hunt, constantly seeking new and innovative ways to mine coins or the latest, most useful and innovative cryptomining algorithm. In fact, according to a study by Cambridge Center for Alternative Finance, as of 2018, an estimated 3-6 million individuals were actively involved in crypto mining. It’s an image showing the rising success of this sector of the crypto industry.

The rush of understanding the mysterious technology behind digital currency, and the constant experimentation and boundary pushing to uncover new insights and possibilities is an exhilarating experience like no other. The total value of mined cryptocurrency surpassing $1 billion USD in 2020 is a glorious achievement, a testament to the sheer determination and hard work of miners everywhere.

But let’s not forget about the mining hardware, you are always on the lookout for the latest and greatest equipment to give the edge in the mining game. A good miner is interested in GPUs directly and is on the lookout for those illuminating first-hand experiences. 

From ASICs to GPUs, and even cloud mining, you seek always new ways to optimize mining efficiency. This is evident from the data provided by Coinwarz, which shows that these types of hardware are the most popular among miners for the top 10 cryptocurrencies in 2021. It’s like a treasure hunt, and the hardware is the treasure! 

Cryptominers are also technically savvy. So, we are getting to the latest news pertaining to their activities. It’s time to finally see just what happened with the Chinese developers and how they’ve managed to crack the one of the most powerful graphics cards on the market.

How cryptominers cracked the hash limiter

RTX 3080

The latest generation of Nvidia graphics cards, including the RTX 3080 and its counterparts have been difficult to buy due in part because they’re low on stock as well as being targeted by bots who scalp inventory for profit. 

Scalpers are individuals or groups who use automated bots to purchase large quantities of popular products such as graphics cards, and then resell them at a higher price on the secondary market.

The high demand for RTX 3080 graphics cards, along with the limited supply, has made them a popular target for scalpers. They use bots to purchase the cards in bulk as soon as they become available on online retailers, making it difficult for individuals to purchase them at the MSRP (manufacturer’s suggested retail price).

This situation has resulted in a shortage of RTX 3080 graphics cards for consumers and an increase in prices on the secondary market due to so many of them being used for mining Ethereum and Bitcoin. Some retailers have implemented measures to combat scalpers such as limiting the number of cards per purchase, but bots are still able to bypass these measures by using multiple accounts or using other methods.

It’s important to note that scalping is not illegal, but it is considered unethical by many in the industry and community. Some retailers and manufacturers are working on ways to combat scalping, but it’s still a problem that affects the availability and price of many popular products.

Miners also bulk buy these GPUs so that when cryptocurrency prices rise again (they will), many can make money off mining cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum without buying more expensive equipment upfront – which is why you see people with entire datasets made up solely from mined coins!

RTX 3060

With the RTX 3060, part of Nvidia’s attempt to stop this was by implementing a hashrate limiter. This would cut down on the total amount of money that could be made by mining with these cards, but it seems that crypto miners have already cracked the code. Now, miners unlock unlimited power for gaining crypto.

Hash rate limiter reduces the performance of a graphics card when it’s used for mining, discouraging miners from buying bulk quantities of graphics cards, and maintaining balance in the market.

But the hash limiter isn’t here just to thwart cryptomining. It’s also about preserving the integrity of the hardware. By limiting the performance of a graphics card when it’s used for mining, it ensures that the hardware remains in tip-top shape, like a cowboy taking care of his trusty steed. It prolongs the life of the hardware, making sure that it remains in good working condition for as long as possible. Nevertheless, if you’ve heard about the cryptominers’ latest technical achievement, it’s no fake news, as they have managed to quickly bypass it completely by using a hash limiter mod and have achieved full hash potential.

Mods for RTX 3060

Cryptocurrency mining can be a highly competitive and constantly evolving field, and miners are always looking for ways to optimize their mining efficiency. One way to do this is by using mods, or modifications, created by savvy miners. Their use is to remove the hash rate limit on certain types of mining hardware where the limitation appears initially.

There are now mods available online that allow for full hash rate on the RTX 3060, which means that miners can make more money per card than before. This has been separately confirmed by both the Chinese developers and Nvidia. This also means that the GPUs will be even harder to find for regular consumers who just want to game or use them for other tasks.

However, it’s important to note that using these customized mods that avoid the hash rate limit can void the warranty of the GPU, and can also potentially damage the hardware. Additionally, it’s also worth mentioning that some mining software or pools may detect and ban the use of modified GPUs, so it’s important to check with them before using the mods.

It’s also worth noting that the use of these mods may be seen as an unethical practice by some, as it can give an unfair advantage to the miner using the mod, especially if they are mining on a pool with other miners who are not using the mod.

Overall, using this Chinese mod developed by savvy tech gurus to remove the hash rate limit on RTX 3060 graphics cards can indeed increase mining efficiency. But it’s important to weigh the potential risks and ethical considerations before using it.

Nvidia has not yet commented on this development, but it’s likely that they will soon. In the meantime, if you’re looking to buy an RTX 3060, be aware that miners will be snatching them up as fast as they can. You might have to pay a premium on sites like eBay or Craigslist, or just wait until more stock is available.

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